Doggy bags

It's not just humans who make a mess of the environment. Dogs do too -- and it's up to humans to clear up the do-do. This series of pages features not barf bags, but dog-shit bags.



'A "premium" degradable product for a cleaner environment'. From the Aussie firm Animal Management Services Pty Ltd. What more could one want for one's pet, except perhaps for a more inspired design?

Thanks to Annabelle Mundy (2006)



Packed with information about the joys of removing dogshit from the urban environment. Or at least I assume that's what it's all about: Jan Tomášek says he'll translate the Czech into English for me.

Thanks to Jan Tomášek. (2005)


Aport (zoo)

A "doggy bag from Prague Zoo - my sister was there last week with her dog and this bag is a "gift" when you pay a fee for your dog. There is an interesting information on this bag (unfortunately only in Czech) that for an excrement of elephant you would need 6 bags of this type..."

I must admit my Czech is not up to telling which piece of text has the data on the elephants, so I don't know if the above statement is true. But who am I to doubt it?

Thanks to Jan Tomášek (and his sister) for this info, and the bag (2007)



It would be hard to miss this bright red bag from Switzerland in a dog owner's hand. Instructions in German, French, Italian, English and what I guess is Czech: Pytlík na odstranĕní psích exkrementů.

Thanks to Michael Mathias and Yukiyo Sakai-Mathias


Bello (brown)

A brown version of the Belloo bag. Harder to detect in the distance if you're desperate for a dogshit disposal opportunity, but blends in better with the average contents.

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2005)


Belloo (retypeset)

New! Spaces in the phone numbers!

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2006)



100% compostable bag. "This is what you do", it says on the reverse, showing you how to lift your dog's do-do off the pavement, insert it in the bag, and dispose of the whole lot in just six easy steps and five languages. 

That's 30 instructions for how to clean dogshit off the ground.

Ah, the delights of baggery... (2003)


Biodegradable Dog-Tidy

A dogshit bag from Down Under -- the Melbourne Cricket Ground, to be precise. Use it to scoop up wombat droppings and kangaroo turds too. As well as to throw up into if the Aussies force the English team to follow on again. 

Thanks to Annabelle Mundy. (2002)



One of several Czech dogbags on this site. Prague must be one of the cleanest cities in Europe...

Thanks to Petr Manda. (2003)


Bono (brown)

A Czech paper bag that features a cartoon sausage dog and a handy cardboard scoop.

Thanks to Juergen Klein. (2004)



For Scotch Terriers only. The diagrams show this breed produces perfectly spherical excreta.

The manufacturer of this bag, GTSM Magglingen/Zürich, has representatives that cover all German-speaking pooches: near Giessen in Germany, in Luxemburg and in Vienna. This bag came from Stuttgart.

Thanks to Alan Howlett. (2003)

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