The Eastern Bus

Plastic Clean Bag with a tear-off tab from this Chinese firm.

Thanks to Wolfgang Franken. (2002)


The Eastern Bus 2

Slightly darker than the bag above, and with a better-printed tab at the top.

Thanks to Matthias Koch. (2003)


Fu Shun Kuai Ke

This bag looks as if it comes from a department store with a Mercedes-Benz star on the top. But no: it's the Fushun long-distance bus company's bag. Fushun is in NE China, just in case you wanted to know.

Thanks to Anke Scherer. (2002)


Für die kleinen Abfälle

Plastic bag with kiddie sketches of the sorts of things you can use this bag to hold - an uneaten banana, a couple of soft drink cans, an uneaten Snickers bar, and a bus. The bag is quite roomy, but it would be hard to fit all this lot in. Especially the bus.

Thanks to Thorsten Hecht (2007)



"Australia's great going greyhound". This greyhound is bright orange, so you can find it easily as you grope under your seat for something to spew into.

Thanks to Alan Howlett. (2003)



This "hill sickness bag" is provided by the Himachal Road Transport Company (to its employees), otherwise known as Hill Racing Trips Company (to passengers).

According to Piet van der Poel, who kindly harvested this bag for me, "hill sickness is not related to mountain sickness, but I assume it is an effort to blame the hills rather than the driving for making passengers sick. Somehow they did not like the standard treatment for hill sickness: open the window and make yellow and brown diagonal stripes on the side of the bus".

Thanks, Piet, for this fine item (2006)

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