Steam Packet Company

At least that's what Wolfgang Franken says it is.



"Ha en fin dag", or "have a nice day", presumably after you've used this bag.

From Midnatt Sun-Cruises in Sweden

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2006)


Strömakanal (white)

Ten prawns have surrounded a single, much smaller shrimp on this Swedish bag.

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2004)


Strömakanal (brown)

The seafood has multiplied: 14 prawns on this bag. One of the few bags to show the type of item the bag is designed to contain. I suppose partially digested prawns would have been harder to depict, which is why the bag designer chose the unregurgitated form.

There's a WWF panda logo on this bag too. I thought pandas ate bamboo shoots?

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2004)

Swedish ferry

Anyone care to translate "För illamående pahoinvointiin" for me? (I think it's a mixture of Swedish and Finnish for those rough Baltic crossings.)
Thanks to Mark Brace. (2001)

Swedish ferry (7.01)

Even bigger than the bag above. Took me three scans to capture all its glory. It has an enigmatic "7.01" printed at the top (sadly not visible in the picture).
Thanks to Mark Brace. (2003) 

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