Far East Hydrofoil

A "seasick bag" with an enigmatic design. The red diagram could be a cross-section of a hydrofoil or the Chinese character for hydrofoil.

Thanks to Ken Pugh. (2001) 


Far East Jetfoils

Features lots of wavy red lines to make you feel better.

Thanks to Matthias Koch. (2003)


Far East Jetfoils (ACS)

Same wavy lines, but there's now the bagmaker's ACS on the base. Comforting to know who made the bag you are about to heave into.

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2003)


First Ferry

Now this is what a seasickness bag should be like: a sturdy lurid green plastic with hard-to-open plastic seal at the top and a tasteless, illegible purple overprinting in English and Chinese. The designer of this bag must have been colour-blind, or looking for alternative employment.

Thanks to Christian Annyas. (2002)


First Ferry (purple)

Vomit bag from the Far East.

Thanks to Wolfgang Franken. (2002)


First Ferry (purple 2)

And another one.

Thanks to Christian Annyas. (2002) 


First Ferry (lilac)

New style base.

Thanks to Dietmar Ebert (2004)


First Ferry (crinkle-cut)

The First Ferry have invested in a crinkle cutter to put those fancy zigzag edges on their bags.

Thanks to Gerd Clemens. (2005)

wpe13.jpg (2654 bytes)


Flying Dolphin (Cometa 3)

Logoless bag from the Flying Dolphin hydrofoil "Cometa 3", from Rhodes to Symi. Somewhat flimsy paper, but then again, it's only a short trip. Concealed in the side fold are the Greek words LOUKERH CARTOSUSEUASIES: the name of the bagmaker?

Thanks to Sheila and Geoffrey Mundy. (1998)

wpe14.jpg (2086 bytes)


Flying Dolphin (Flying Nassia)

Another logoless Flying Dolphin bag, this time from the "Flying Nassia", operating from Symi to Kos. A somewhat longer trip than the Rhodes-to-Symi voyage of the Cometa 3 (above): presumably the reason for this bag's sturdier construction and greater depth (it's cut off at the bottom because it didn't all fit on my scanner). Made by the same firm as the Cometa bag.

Thanks to Sheila and Geoffrey Mundy. (1998)

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