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Yeti Airways

The Yeti logo features a hominid footprint with 4 toes, along with slogan, "Experience the Shangri-La". By flying Yeti, or by using this bag?

Thanks to the Yeti ground staff at Kathmandu airport (1999)


Yeti Airlines

Yeti has changed its name in both English and Nepali.

Thanks to the charming (and bemused) Prerna Subba of the Yeti ground staff at Kathmandu airport (2001) 


Yeti Airlines (no Shangri-la)

Yeti have evidently decided that they don't fly to Shangri-la.

Come to think of it, I didn't think that yetis could fly...

Thanks to Shuva Sharma (2005)


Yeti Airlines (baby's excreta)

Same sick passenger on this bag as on the latest offerings from Sita, Buddha and Skyline. Only here she's changed to a golden sari and also has a gold bindi, earring and nosestud.

Same text too, describing what to do if your infant poops during the flight.

Thanks to Shuva Sharma (2005)


Yeti Airlines (Using Instruction)

Yeti is no longer relying only on Puking Preethy to tell you how to use their bag. They've now added instructions in Nepali and English, along with little diagrams on what to do after Preethy has filled the bag.

Thanks to Chris Eeckhout and Isolde Zeutzius (2007)



Yeti Airlines (pictures on left)

Someone at Yeti HQ noticed that the little pictures would look better on the left rather than the right.

Thanks to Chris Eeckhout and Isolde Zeutzius (2007)


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