Virgin Blue (VB11)

Fly Virgin Blue, steal as many bags as you can, and hoard them so you process all those holiday snaps on the cheap. You can also "include your email address for FREE internet services, product updates and specials" -- i.e., if you want to get onto lots of junk mail lists.

Thanks to Peter Walton. (2002) 


Virgin Blue (VB12)

The offer on this bag ends on 31 December 2005.

Thanks to Sheila and Geoffrey Mundy. (2004)


Virgin Blue V1

It doesn't actually say this bag is from Virgin. There's the code V1 just under where it says "$5.95 per roll!". My sister says she got it from a Qantas flight, and who am I to question her memory of what airline she flew on?

Bag connoisseur Bruce Kelly informs me that the V stands for Virgin Blue. I defer to his superior knowledge.

Thanks to Annabelle Mundy (2005)


Virgin Blue V3

Like the V1 bag above, it doesn't say Virgin Blue on this bag. Price and expiry date are the same as the Qantas Q3 bag. There must be some subtle code system here to confuse the lay passenger.

Thanks to Annabelle Mundy (2006)

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