Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Skoojah)

Features multiracial toddlers being battered by cosmic radiation.

Designed by Skoojah,

Thanks to Chris Hays (2005)

pdf 54 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Not a doggy bag)

Four ravenous Labradors look hungry enough to devour whatever this bag may contain.

Designer: Birgit Amadori,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 276 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, 81234567)

Some of the sickest-looking numerals you'll ever see. 9 and 0 weren't able to make it onto this bag: they were too ill.

Designed by Syl Hillier Aka Me Love,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 70 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Ralph the robot)

Ralph looks pretty unhappy: he's dripping with freezing liquid, his antenna is on its last legs, and his tank is on zero. A good time for his owner to consider an urgent upgrade.

Designed by Mark Suppelsa/Mowconcepts, 

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 67 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Greg Vezon)

A ragged Dumbo plunging into the fires of hell. No fewer than 11 similar Dumbos hover nearby, awaiting a similar fate.

Designed by Greg Vezon, (though this address just leads to a web provider's site)

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 73 kb

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