Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Miguzimo)

A cat, a rabbit, and a pig wearing diapers? All in fluorescent colours to distract migraine-sufferers from their incipient nausea.

Designed by Miguzimo,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 50 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Yue Wai Yip)

The droplets on this bag are evenly split: four look happy to be falling to earth, and the other four look apprehensive.

Designed by Yue Wai Yip, Tommy,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 37 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Puke a pet)

"Warm and squishy: Puke-a-pet is your perfect flight companion!" This Pet looks like an overfed hamster. I wonder if they do other species of soft toys?

Designed by Oksana Badrak/Superhappybunny,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 1170 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Take this, honey)

A pity they didn't print the reverse of the original design, which appeared in Collection 3 of the Design for Chunks bag design competition (

Designed by Ale, Pharmaco Eyes Rescue,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 67 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Why is there always carrot?)

The designer obviously doesn't like Daucus carota on her dinnerplate.

Designed by Annika Seidel/Mit,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 47 kb

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