Virgin Atlantic Limited Edition 2004

The following pages display the admirable Virgin Atlantic Limited Edition series of 2005. These 20 bags resulted from a design competition hosted by Design For Chunks. The PDFs were kindly provided by Virgin Atlantic and are reproduced here by permission.

Here's a PDF of the reverse, which is common to all 20 bags

pdf 83 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Concentrate on something else)

If only you can think of a butterfly alighting on a fawn's rump during Armageddon, you'll be OK.

Designed by Joanne Elisabeth Green, 

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 105 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, By air mail)

Seal your puke in this bag and drop it in the mail. The envelope has stamps from the USA, the Vatican and the US Department of Agriculture, and is pre-postmarked from Oakland, CA, on Jul 23, 1998.

Designed by Self,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 1235 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Furi Furi)

This Japanese manga cartoon superboy can blast us hapless landlubbers with glowing puke.

Designed by Ryosuke Tei/Furi Furi Co,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 86 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Patrick Padeau)

This dachshund is not only suffering from nausea. It also has an eye infection and two gammy front legs. Time for a trip to the euthanasist?

Designed by Patrick Padeau,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 49 kb


Virgin Atlantic (Limited Edition, Zook!)

Think of this bag next time you eat your favourite pea soup.

Desinged by Von Glitschka/Glitschka Studios,

Bought on eBay from luckystars79 (2005)

pdf 65 kb

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