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Vietnam Airlines (light blue)

Vietnamese women's formal dress, the ao dai,  is a long, tight-fitting, light-coloured tunic over a pair of dark trousers. The tunic has slits up either side to above the waist. Demure but very sexy. Vietnam Airlines' bags have a similar look, though without the slits. (1996)


Vietnam Airlines (small light blue)

From the days when paper was scarce in the People's Republic.

Thanks to Walter Brinker (2005)


Vietnam Airlines (dark blue)

As is so often the case, the gusset of this bag is more interesting than the front: "Made in Vietnam Aviation Printing Company", it says. Now, how many other countries can boast their own aviation printing company?

The blue stripe at the top of this bag looks like a tear-off strip like Thai Airways'. It isn't, though: the bag isn't sealed at the top, and there are no perforations. Try tearing this strip off, and you'll probably end up ripping the bag up and rendering it unusable.

Thanks to Thomas Soltwedel. (2000)


Vietnam Airlines (bright blue)

Slightly different hue from the bag above. With telephone and fax numbers of the Vietnam Aviation Printing Company too: fax them at (84) 8.272851 for more bags.

Thanks to Bedford McIntosh (2000)


Vietnam Airlines (website)

You can now get in touch with the Vietnam Aviation Printing Company at ihk@netnam.vn or www.ihkvn.com.

Thanks to Gerald Shively. (2002) 

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