Anyone know what Авиакомпания means?

Thanks to Janusz Tichoniuk (2006)


Vaso (lighter)

Same design, but printed so much lighter that I think it qualifies as a different design.

Thanks to Janusz Tichoniuk (2006)



A roomy but unhappy-looking plastic bag. 37 cm long: I had to scan it in two sections. I don't know what the drawing is meant to illustrate -- a VASP logo being thrown into an unhappy envelope? 

The Portuguese instructions tell you to "Chame o(a) comissario(a)" -- i.e., either a steward or a stewardess. But the English instructions just say "Call the steward" (no mention of stewardesses). Could it be that only the male cabin crew speak English?

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2000)



This bag looks big here, but that's only because it's nearly as wide as it's tall. It's in fact tiny: 18.9 x 14.7 cm. This one has a handy drawstring to prevent spillage. I don't know which bag is older -- this one or the one above. Judging by the size of its bags, either VASP's food has got a lot better, or a lot worse. Still no mention of any female cabin crew, either.

Thanks to Fernando Canteras de Assis (2000)


VASP (repeated logos)

Lots of little VASP logos on this bag, in case you missed the big one.

Thanks to Fernando Canteras de Assis. (2001)


VASP (shifted left)

Deliberate, or a misprint? The black type on this bag is printed slightly to the left of its position on the bag above.

Thanks to Fernando Canteras de Assis. (2003)


VASP (coloured logo)

New and improved: now in glorious technocolor.

Thanks to Fernando Canteras de Assis. (2003)


VASP (lower)

Printed lower down, and the small black strip art the top is on the other side (doesn't show on this picture as it got cropped off during editing. Oh welll...)

Thanks to Denir Camargo. (2003)


VASP (70 anos)

You can celebrate VASP's 70 years of flying by using this bag.

Thanks to Fernando Canteras de Assis. (2004)


VASP (blue)

Smallish drawstring bag that tells you that motion sickness is for your convenience, then exhorts you to call a male member of the cabin crew.

Thanks to Walter Brinker (2005)

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