United Airlines (grey)

Same wording as in 1982, but an even more boring colour.

Thanks to Steve Silverberg. (2001)


United Airlines (grey 2)

Someone has put a United stamp on this bag to make sure you know where it's from. That's not what makes this bag different, though. The tabs are glued to the front of the bag rather than the back.

Thanks to Christian and Gerhard Lang. (2004)


United Airlines (light grey)

No sense of consistency in their corporate colour. Or maybe United's bags were colour-coded by date? 


United (recycled)

I'm not absolutely sure, but if it looks like United, smells like United, and has the remains of United's delicious in-flight menu attached to it, then it must be United. Thanks to Bruce Kelly for supporting this assumption.

At the bottom is "recycled paper" with a recycling symbol.

Thanks to Christian Annyas. (2002)


United Airlines (2001)

A new millennium, and a new bag from United. But is it worth having? No logo, no indication which airline you're flying with. Just the words "Please fold over" and "Use clip to close firmly" on one side. Flip the bag over, and it says "For motion sickness and refuse" -- i.e., not for holding your valuables or for putting on your head? Why do airlines think their passengers are stupid?

Just compare this miserable bag to UTA's offering to see the difference in quality between European and Yankee bags.

Thanks to Pierre Fabre. (2001)

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