TransBrasil (paper)

Lots of helpful drawings to tell you what you may or may not do with this bag. None of the ideas suggested on this site's Uses page are mentioned. Nor is barfing into the bag (though it does say "no liquids"). Does that mean these activities are prohibited? A legal grey area that we hope the next edition of this bag will clear up.

Thanks to Fernando Assis (2000)


TransBrasil (plastic)

New logo, new bag: no more ideas on how to use it, but handy drawstrings to help you seal it in once you're through. I had problems providing you with a realistic picture because the dots in the shading create moiré interference patterns when scanned.

Thanks to Fernando Assis (2001) 


TransBrasil (green)

For your comfort in case of sickness. Place over head and pull strings tight. (No, actually, it says "For your comfort in case of sickness. Pull strings to close. Call flight attendant.")

Thanks to Homer Goetz (2005)

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