Thai (shiny tab, Mar 2006)

New thinking from Thai: they've moved away from purple to dark blue, put the logotype in all caps, and added a perky surfing wave on the surface of the fill-up-to-here marking.

Oh, and there's a shiny reflective closure tab, who shows up as black on this scan.

Produced by Vorapan Packing Co. Ltd. Use this bag by Mar 2006.

Thanks to Timo Korf (2006)


Thai (Jun 2006)

Looks as if Vorapan think their latest series of Thai bags will go off if you don't use them on time. Make sure you're through with this bag by Jun 2006.

Thanks to Helga Stamm-Berg. (2006)


Thai (Jul 2006)

This one will go bad, or self-destruct, by July 2006

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2006)


Thai (Aug 2006)

Vorapan have invented a new way to get baggists to clean out seat pockets for them. I wonder how many different months you can find on a single plane?

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2006)


Thai (Sep 2006)

Some baggists have given up collecting Thai bags - they say it's no longer fun. I tend to agree - but keep sending them to me anyway.

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2006)


Thai (Oct 2006)

I wonder what happens to all those Thai bags that have passed their sell-by date?

Thanks to Uwe and Ute Kuenstler (2007)


Thai (March 2007)

Thai have switched bagmaking allegiances from Vorapan Packaging to YNS Marketing.

Their major innovation? Replace the silver wire tie (appears as black in these scans) with a white one.

Thanks to Evelyn Mathias (2007)


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