Another firm that thinks you're going to refrain from vomiting in order to refer to the addresses on the bag after your flight. Or perhaps wash the bag out afterwards so you can keep the information for reference. A peculiarity of Peruvian airlines (see AeroContinente for another example).

Also like AeroContinente, this bag has the mysterious instructions "HERE AQUI" and a plastic strip-cum-handle fixed to it. I appealed for help on how to use it. Armando Valdez Power of TANS Perú's Marketing department kindly responded:

"I was taking a look to your web site and I noticed you are wondering how to use the strip plastic in our Air Sickness Bag. You have to tear one of the sides of the strip plastic and then wrap around the plastic bag to keep it closed."

Perhaps someone with some spare TANS bags can try this out and tell me if it works. I don't want to ruin my only precious specimen of this bag.

Thanks to Armando for the info, and Bruce Kelly for the bag. (2001)

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