Spanair (Star Alliance)

"After use fold properly". No instructions on what to do then. Stuff it back into the seat pocket? Hand to your seat neighbour? Surreptitiously kick it under the seat behind you? Place it on the duty free trolley? Take it with you?

Thanks to Juergen Klein (2004)


Spanair (SAS Group)

Looks like Spanair is joining lots of clubs. It's now a "Member of the SAS Group" as well as being "A Star Alliance member".

The webaddress is cunningly hidden in the gusset.

Thanks to Juergen Klein (2004)



Utilicese como recipiente para caso de mareo, says this bag helpfully. It goes on to instruct you to una vez utlizada cierrese por medio de unos dobleces horizontales en su parte superior a un lado en el piso.  

Memorzied that lot? OK, now you can go ahead and be sick.

This bag has two holes punched in it. Roger Macrae didn't know how these got there: "looks like the previous owner kept his or her bags in a ring binder", he says. 

I guess some folks just don't know how to treat their bags right.

Thanks, Roger. (2002)



A generously sized bag in case your curry was too hot for you.

The SpiceJet logo doesn't appear to have anything to do with spices - it looks more like a view of the airport runway lights your stomach might get as it churns.

Thanks to Michel Silvera (2008)

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