Saudia (green)

Older bag from before Saudia's corporate image makeover. The logo on the base has had a piece of paper glued on top of it.

Thanks to Pinar Dinšer. (2002)


Saudia (green, logo on base)

Always nice to see logos on the base of the bag. The base normally sticks out of your seat pocket, so a logo can remind you of what plane you're on.

Thanks to Kevin Middleton. (2004)

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Saudi Arabian Airlines

Pretty bag from the desert kingdom. The Saudi logo features a pair of scimitars chopping down a palm tree. Just in case you forget which airline you're on, the logo is repeated on the base of the bag.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (1999)


Saudi Arabian Airlines (tear-off strip)

A holy bag -- it was brought back from Mecca for me by a friend who had been on the Hajj pilgrimage.

Newfangled features include an East Asia-style tear-off strip to ensure your bag is halal, dotted lines showing you where to fold, and an arrow pointing at the end you're supposed to throw up into.

Thanks to (Haji) Edi Basuno. (2002)


Saudi Arabian Airlines (Farsi/Malay)

"Air Sickness bag" (capitalized like that) in an interesting mix of languages: Arabic, Farsi, English and Malaysian. If you're a Farsi or Malay speaker and want to know how to use the bag, though, you're out of luck: the instructions on the flip side are in Arabic and English only.

The Malaysian is rather quaint: "Kantong Untuk Penompang Montah". I translate that as "bag for passenger throwing up".

Thanks to Roger Macrae (2007)

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