Ryan Air

Unadorned bag from this European budget carrier. Looks like they can offer low fares because they haven't paid anyone to print a decent bag. Surprised you get one at all, as they don't give you anything to eat on board.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2001) 


Ryan Air (large)

At 355 x 172 mm, this bag is big enough for the whole aisle to spew into.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004) 


Ryan Air (photo)

A photobag? Or a sickbag? It's both -- it says so at the bottom: "This is a dual purpose sickbag". Just over the little credit card logos. Throw up into this bag, then pay for disposal with Switch, Visa, or Mastercard.

Sadly, nothing to identify Ryan Air on this bag, except perhaps the price of the processing ("Half price 95p").

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2005)

Ryan Air (31/03/2007)

Now valid until 31 March 2007. Dammit, missed the deadline.

Thanks to Chris Hays (2007)


Ryan Air (do you want)

What a misery flying Ryan must be. You have to fish into your pocket to pay for an overpriced snack. After your meal, you reach into your seat pocket to deposit your stomach contents into a bag, and all you find is this despicable generic offering.

Thanks to Carlos Paz (2005)

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