Qatar Airways (no instructions)

Only the logo (on the base) to tell you where this bag is from. Unless you peek into the side-pleat and espy the bagmaker's name, "Basic", under a sun logo. 

Qatar Airways' logo looks like a back-to-front letter Q. Back-to-front because the bird is taking off from left to right, even though Arabic is written from right to left... Er... actually it's the head of an Arabian oryx (I had been reading my bag upside down). 

Fellow bagger Bill Clark says that he did his dissertation on the Arabian oryx. Its species name is Oryx leucoryx. See what an erudite lot we collectors are? 

Thanks to Roger Macrae. (2000) 


Qatar Airways (instructions)

Just like the bag above, but with instructions in English and Arabic: "If used for air-sickness please hand to cabin crew".

Stole it myself (2000)


Qatar Airways (no maker)

The bag above was made by Basic (it has their logo in the gusset). This one wasn't made by anyone. Yet another proof of evolution rather than creationism?

Thanks to Jrgen Klein. (2006)



Qatar Airways (outline)

The Qatar oryx looks even more like a mosquito in this outline version.

Thanks to Walter Brinker (2005)


Qatar Airways (plain white)

Reach into the seat pocket in front of you on a Qatar flight, and you'll find one of the classy maroon bags above. Go into the toilet, though, and chances are you'll find this cheaper plain bag. (2000)


Qatar Airways (white, pointy)

What has happened to Qatar Airways? From some of the slickest bags in the sky, they've gone to the more boring. Maybe they're spending too much on new planes and have run out of cash for printing?

Thanks to Sijo Chackummoottil. (2003)

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