Qantas Q1

After a sponsorless few months, Extrafilm has bought out rights to the Qantas franchise.

How do we know it's from Qantas? It says so on the bottom left corner on the reverse, and there's a "Q1" printed just under the "$5.95 per roll".

This offer expires on 15.03.06. Make sure you sign the declaration saying that you haven't included any explosives, flammables, corrosives or aerosols in the bag before sending your puke off for processing.

Thanks to Ilse Köhler-Rollefson (2005)


Qantas Q2

At long last, I've acquired a bag to fill the yawning gap between Q1 and Q3.

Hurry, this offer expires on 30.04.07. Intriguingly, the same day as the Q3 bag. Does Qantas (or Extrafilm) know something about the timing of Armageddon that remains hidden from us earthbound mortals?

Thanks to Josef Gebelé (2007)



Qantas Q3

Your expiry date is now 30 April 2007, but be prepared to cough up $6.95 a roll. That's an inflation rate of 17% a year.

Thanks to Annabelle Mundy (2006)


Qantas Q4

Qantas has embraced the internet: this "Traveller's Photo Offer" gives you a "FREE Web Preview". Just send your memory card, CD/DVD or film in this "strong coated bag". You'll get back "beautiful glossy or matt [sic] photos by mail, in 7-10 days".

You can also order from a range of products incorporating your favourite images, ranging from a mousepad to stubby cooler (looks like a champagne cooler for dwarves).

Any questions? Look in the gussets for even more information. More than enough reading material to keep you absorbed on those lengthy flights across the Outback.

Some misguided non-collector has defaced this bag by doing calculations on it. Not a mathematical genius, it seems: only one of the three sums is complete, and that contains corrected mistakes.

Thanks to Thorsten Hecht (2007)



Qantas (austpack)

Qantas must have found that passengers were so absorbed by the wealth of information on its bags that they refused to get off the plane when it landed.

This bag goes from literary feast to visual famine: a deformed kangaroo on the obverse, and a cigarette-pack-style coffin announcement telling you who made the bag (Australian Packaging Pty Ltd) on the reverse. Nothing at all in the gussets.

Thanks to David Shomper (2007)

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