Qantas (BT32)

Like the other photosicknessbags from Qantas, this one crams information onto every available square centimetre: front, back, and in the side pleats. Maybe Qantas doesn't have an inflight magazine for passengers to read?

The freecall number on this bag is 08-074237. A typo? (on the other bags, it's 1-800-074237). No - Alex Mayo tells me that Australia changed its free call service from 08 to 1800 in the late 1990s, so it's not a misprint.

Thanks to Steffen Heinrich for the bag. (2000)

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Qantas (BU97)

These Qantas bags use every square centimetre of space -- except the inside of the bag. There's even text in the side pleats. Open up the pleat on one side to read a persuasive ad trying to get you to order an extra set of photos. "See details on the other gusset", it says, for how to get your pictures in electronic form on disk. 

Thanks to Wolfgang Franken. (1999)c


Qantas (BY99)

At least it's easy to date Qantas bags. The offer on this one ends on 31 January 1998.

Thanks to Graham Curran. (2002)

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