Qantas (flying kangaroo)

Three pages devoted entirely to the Australian flag-carrier. 

An ancient Qantas bag, from before the time the airline was taken over by National Photo (see below). The kangaroos on this bag actually have wings -- so the planes could take longer hops? The blue design surrounding the kangaroos is made up of lots of Qs.

Thanks to Roger Macrae. (2002)


Qantas (red triangle)

Another pre-photo bag from Hopalong Airlines. Nice to know that Qantas stock the seat pockets between hops: "After using this bag, please leave it on your seat at the next stop and a replacement bag will be provided. Thank you." In 11 languages, no less.

Thanks to Roger Macrae. (2002)


Qantas (kangaroo)

I've been looking for this bag ever since I started collecting, but it's only just come my way. It's from before Qantas decided to boost their revenue stream with photobags.

Thanks to Nico Snels. (2005)


Qantas (Leisure Photos blue)

It doesn't have the Qantas marque on it anywhere, but Alan Howlett says it's off one of their planes. From 1987 -- at least it says you save up to 55% on your holiday photos compared to Kodak's recommended retail price on 3-3-87.

Thanks, Alan. (2003)



Qantas (Leisure Photos)

No Qantas marque on this one either. It cites Kodak's prices as of 1-4-88.

Thanks to Alan Howlett. (2003)

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