Pharaoh Airlines

This is the sort of bag to bring joy to a baggist's heart. There's the colourful Pharaoh logo -- a bundle of papyrus rushes bent to form the letter P. And then there's the English text: "Close by folding clamps. Shut with tab. Through it waist basket in lavatory".

Ah, but what clamps? you ask. There aren't any -- you'll have to make do with the tab. Then there are the two delightful spelling errors in the last instruction. And have you ever seen a waste basket in an aeroplane loo? A bin, perhaps, but a basket? 

My Arabic isn't good enough to tell whether there are any errors in the Arabic on the reverse. And sadly, the reverse is slightly damaged -- I suspect that perennial enemy, chewing gum.

Thanks to Roger Macrae for this gem. (2003)

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