Pelita Air Service

Unimaginative bag from an airline belonging to Pertamina, the Indonesian state oil producer. Formerly a charter carrier, it now does scheduled flights to some of the more out-of-the-way places in the archipelago. But what do all those lines mean? A graph of the price of oil? The flight path out of Balikpapan? The numbers of barfbags used on Pelita flights?

Thanks to Retno Budi. (2000)


Pelita Air Service (blue stripe)

Identical to the bag above, except that this one has a blue stripe on the reverse. This one came from a flight from Kupang (in West Timor) to Bandung. 

Thanks to Winny Sanjaya. (2002)


Pelita Air (red)

Exquisitely petite gem, with design inspired by Singapore Airlines and text swiped from Garuda. "Unique airventure", it puns in gold type on the base. Good luck trying to use this bag: at 17.6 x 10.8 cm, it's even smaller than Garuda.

Thanks to Fawzia Sulaiman. (2001)

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