Features the TUI smiley logo and "sacchetto mal d'aria" -- and "airsickness bag", just in case you don't speak Italian.

Thanks to Homer Goetz. (2003)


Nepal Airlines (double-printed)

A rare find: one of the first bags from the newly non-Royal Nepal Airlines, and a double-printed one at that. King Gyanendra made himself so unpopular that they even renamed this airline to avoid being tarnished by royal association.

Thanks to Piet van der Poel (2006)


Nepal Airways

Constructed from sturdy brown wrapping paper with a vicious-looking metal tab protruding from the top.

Thanks to Homer Goetz (2007)


New Central Air

An intriguing Japanese bag: one of the instructions on the rear says "flay a surface film of tape (upper)".

The bag seems to have been made by "Yamaoka Kosan Co.Ltd", tel. 0468-36-7877, fax 0468-34-8145. Or so it says on the bottom of the reverse - sadly obscured by the folded base in our scan.

Bruce Kelly says this bag is from New Central Air, a local Japanese carrier based at Chofu Airport in Tokyo.

The card that came with this bag (from the UK) said "got them in Kyushu". And New Central doesn't fly to Kyushu... And I can't read the signature on the card. Anyone want to claim credit for sending me this item, and tell me which airline it was stolen from? (2007)



If I owned an airline called Nürnberger Flugdienst, I think I'd abbreviate it to NFD too.

Thanks to Homer Goetz. (2002)

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