Merpati (turquoise)

A tiny bag, pre-folded over at the top to make it tinier: at 11 x 16.8 cm, the smallest total spew volume in this gallery. Indonesian airlines seem to specialize in small bags: see the Garuda bags elsewhere in this gallery.


Merpati (unfolded)

An unfolded version of the bag above. "Merpati" means "dove" in Indonesian. Garuda, the country's biggest carrier, means "eagle". Remember, you read it here first.

Thanks to Rita Nur Suhaeti. (2001)


Merpati (get the feeling)

Features someone throwing something into a litterbin. Not that I've ever seen a bin on board a Merpati flight. Try forcing your bag into your arm-rest ashtray instead - it's so small it might just fit.

The text also has the friendly advice, "Keep clean". So is hygiene what "Get the feeling" is all about?

Thanks to Dewa Sadra. (2001)


Merpati (get the feeling, heavy duty)

Identical to the bag above, but with a heavier duty wire, affixed with a more robust tape, to assure barftight sealing.

Thanks to Fawzia Sulaiman. (2002)


Merpati (white)

Same size as the turquoise bag above, but not folded over at the top. Stolen from the same plane, though. 


Merpati (plastic)

A flimsy plastic bag from this Indonesian carrier. Unique among bags, it tells you to "twist here" (not fold or roll) "and secure with wire". There's a piece of plastic-coated wire attached to the bag with a tiny piece of sticky tape.

Thanks to Steffen Heinrich. (2000)


Merpati (no feeling)

Merpati's nerve endings must have gone numb: there's no "get the feeling" on this bag.

Thanks to Rita Gandasoemita. (2004)


Merpati (CV Timur Terang)

Still no feelings, but this one is is made by CV Timur Terang ("Bright East Ltd").

Thanks to Allison Brown (2004)


Merpati (black/white, plastic)

Merpati are anxious to get away from their reputation of providing the smallest bags in the skies. This one is bigger, and is made of plastic.

Thanks to Adi Widjono. (2006)

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