Meridiana (red)

This bag just says "Meridiana". Babelfish translates this as "Meridiana".

Thanks to Sam Green. (2001)


Meridiana (blue)

The base of this bag says: "Ricordiamo ai Sigg. Passeggeri che il bagaglio a mano Ŕ limitato da norme che garantiscono sicurezza e comoditÓ a bordo. Grazie." Altavista's Babelfish program translated this as: "We remember to the Sigg. Passengers who the baggage by hand is limited from norms that guarantee emergency and comfort to edge. Thank you."

Thanks to Guido Debenedetti. (1999)


Meridiana (colourful 1)

Logos all over this bag: front, back, base and in both gussets. I thought there was one inside as well, but it turned out to be some chewing-gum.

Thanks to Nicola Ottolini. (2001)


Meridiana (colourful 2)

Looks pretty similar to the bag above, but the printing is slightly higher up the bag, and the yellow is misplaced. Deliberate or a misprint? Research continues.

Thanks to Bedford McIntosh. (2001)


Meridiana (purple)

Ten out of ten for the Italian airline's latest design: giant, overlapping logos look like a squadron of jellyfish. 

On the base there's the same admonishment as in the bag above not to exceed the limits for cabin baggage. It's a bit late to tell passengers this after they've already lugged five over-full handbags and all their duty-free onto the plane. Somewhat like those safety demonstrations showing you how to fasten your seat belt after you're already speeding down the runway: doesn't help much on this flight, but maybe people will remember for the next one.

Thanks to Nicola Ottolini for this gem. (2001) 


Meridiana (purple, base upside down)

Someone has stuck the base of this bag on upside down.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004) 


Meridiana (butterflies)

Meridiana have tried to pack as much information as possible in the base of this bag: a logo, a phone number to call if you are enjoying your current flight with Meridiana so much that you want to book another, an email address for the same thing, something to do with web trading, and even a couple of butterflies.

There's so much crammed on the base that the other surfaces of the bag are free for Meridiana's handsome shockwave logo, along with a web address for you to access in case you didn't see the bag over to see the one on the base.

Thanks to Thorsten Hecht. (2006)

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