Martinair (blue top)

One side of this bag says it's an afvalzakje or disposal bag. Flip the bag over, and it's a bolsa de mareo or Müllbeutel. Conjures up images of the flight crew having to turn over the bags in each seat pocket if the plane switches from a UK-Netherlands route to one from Germany to Spain.

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen. (2002)


Martinair (afvalzakje)

Martinair's bag designers have added the words "afvalzakje" and "disposal bag" on the base, just in case you missed them on the top of this bag.

Thanks to Eric van Amerom. (2004)


Martinair (jetable)

A pointy-ended jetable sachet from Müllbeutel, er sorry, from Martinair.

Thanks to Thorsten Hecht. (2006)


Martinair (chewing gum)

Finally, a bag designed specifically for gum-chewers among the flying public. Slip your gum into this bag rather than sticking it to the bottom of your seat, where it may interfere with free access to your lifejacket.

If you want to get the gum out again, just pop the bag in the freezer overnight. The gum comes loose without damaging the bag.

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen (2006)


Martinair (sachet jetable)

They've ditched the Spanish in favour of the French "Sachet jetable". That's "jet-able sachet" for those of you who don't speak French.

No blue line at the bottom, either.

Thanks to Fred Courtay (2007)

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