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Malev Hungarian Airlines

This is an "egészségügyi tasak"--that's Hungarian for what the Germans would call "wasserdichter Abfallbehälter", or "waterproofed waste disposal bag" if you're a mere English-speaker.

Thanks to Christian Kamhaug. (1999)


Malev Hungarian Airlines (2000)

Same colours, wording and design as the bag above, but the top is now crinkle-cut, and there's a wire tab to clamp it shut.

Thanks to Steffen Heinrich. (2000)


Malev Hungarian Airlines (instructions)

Pictures (British Airways influence?) and lots of words: "If used for air sickness please hand to cabin crew for disposal" in Hungarian, English, German, Italian and French. The last four languages and the pictures are lifted directly from the 1996 British Airways bag.

The French is a problem: "Dans ce cas, appelez un membre de l'équipage qui vous en débarassera" ("In this case, call a member of the crew who will relieve you of it"). Malev has missed off the first sentence that tells you what the "case" is all about ("si vous avez le mal de l'air").

Thanks to Steffen Heinrich. (2000)


Malev Hungarian Airlines (re-typeset)

Same as the bag above, except the airline name has been re-typeset.

Thanks to Tim Höger. (2001)


Malev Hungarian Airlines (envelope?)

It looks like an envelope, but has a block bottom, is made of waterproof paper, doesn't have any glue to seal it, and is big enough to puke into.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2004)


Malindi Air Services

Just north of Mombasa, on the coast of Kenya (just in case you didn't know where Malindi is). 

Thanks to Fredy Thuerig. (2002)

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