Malaysia Airlines

Yes, it's the same old company as below, but they've dropped the "n" to the "Airlines" can fit snugly under the "Malaysia" in the ritzy new logotype.

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2007)


Malaysian Airline System (grey)

From before Malaysian discovered the joys of colour printing and tear-off strips.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2005)

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Malaysian Airline System

"Beg Mabuk Udara" ("bag drunk air"). Instructions in English and Malay tell you to tear off the top to open, and "After use, please fold along the two dotted lines shown above". There's even a little picture to show you how. On the bottom is the bag manufacturer's name: Elag of Kirchberg, Switzerland (so that's who makes them...) (1995)


Malaysian Airline System (no Elag)

Lighter red than the bag above, and some ignorant non-collector has scribbled notes all over it. But what clinches it as optically different from the bag above is the absence of the bagmaker's imprimatur on the base.

Thanks to Stephen James. (2001) 


Malaysian Airline System (light red)

Slightly lighter shade of red on this bag. Otherwise, the only difference from the bag above is the typesetting on the base: the bagmaker's name and address (ELAG, CH-3422 KIRCHBERG, Switzerland) is in a bolder font.

Thanks to Winny Sanjaya. (2001)


Malaysian Airline System (light red 2)

Same as the bag above, but the text on the flip side has been re-typeset.

Thanks to Bedford McIntosh. (2001)


Malaysian Airline System (light red 3)

Again, a slightly different type and placement of the ELAG on the base.

Sorry, forgot who stole this for me. (2002)


Malaysian Airline System (light red, Elag upside-down)

Same as the bag above, but the ELAG is printed upside down on the base.

Some philistine has taken the instructions literally and torn off the sealing strip at the top of this bag. Obviously a non-collector.

Thanks to Bedford McIntosh. (2001)


Malaysian Airline System (specially produced)

This beg mabuk udara looks like the ones above, but the base announces it is "Specially produced for Malaysia Airlines". Ooh, aah. Perhaps the bags above were not?

Thanks to Retno Budiyanto. (2002)


Malaysian Airline System (bolder)

It's the specially produced that gets the extra ink. And the paper is white (though may not look like it on this scan) and is heavier.

Thanks to Winny Sanjaya (2007)


Malaysian Airline System: see also MAS

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