Lithuanian Airlines

Why do bagmakers insist on being perverse? This bag tells you to "after use fold toward you" On both sides. In the middle of the bag. Follow the instructions, and I guarantee you'll squeeze half the contents onto your lap.

Thanks to Daniel Kahleyss. (2001) 


Lithuanian Airlines (blue)

A Chinese-style sanitation bag with unimaginative vertical blue lines. The more modern bag above is a definite improvement.

Thanks to Robert Grove. (2003)


Lithuanian Airlines (red text)

A new entry for your lexicon: Airsickness bag in Lithuanian is Sanitarinis Maišelis.

Thanks to Aidan Stradling. (2003)


Livingston Energy Flight

Strange name for an airline. Visit the firm's website, and you find more:

"Livingston’s philosophy is perfectly expressed by its payoff – ENERGY FLIGHT – logo and aircraft colours (tail and interiors). The colour orange stands for energy and vitality, while the orange fruit, in place of the mascot’s head, is a symbol of vitamins and radiance. In addition, special attention to On-board Comfort (Wellness) and the Safety of its young fleet have always been Livingston’s defining features."

I just wish I could write stuff like that...

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2007)

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