Laoag International Airlines

This China Southern bag has been rebranded by the simple expedient of a rubber stamp with Laoag's tailfin and name.

I wonder if they swiped the bags from China Southern or bought them on eBay?

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen (2005)


Laoag International Airlines (own brand)

Nice to see that Laoag's management has finally seen fit to order a batch of bags with its own logo, rather than that of China Southern.

When I get a new bag, I carefully (nay, eagerly) examine it for those little design details that make baggery such a worthwhile waste of time. I check the logo, gaze at the choice of typeface and colour, flip the bag over, eye the base, and open up the gusset to see if there's anything hidden there.

But what's this? The gusset doesn't spring open? I suspect a wad of chewing gum left by an inconsiderate non-collector. No, it's both gussets... Hold this bag up to the light, and you see a wire tab concealed in the top of each gusset - all the better to seal the bag after use. But someone has been rather over-generous with the glue: they've sealed the gussets closed, reducing the size of the aperture and trimming the maximum capacity of the bag.

Passengers are faced with an unenviable choice: puke into the half-closed bag, and risk spillage during violent retches. Or pull the gussets open, and risk ripping the bag and spilling the entire contents.

Thanks to Thorsten Hecht. (2005)


Lao Aviation (bullethole)

This logo looks like a flying shield with a bullethole through the middle.

Thanks to Walter Brinker. (2003) 


Lao Aviation (bird logo)

Bedford McIntosh says that this is the biggest bag he's ever seen. Well, he didn't see the bin-bag that the crew member gave my wife on the City Cruises ferry on the Thames.

He also says the Laotians were using them like mad. Lucky this one made it out of the plane unscathed.

Thanks, Bedford (2000)


Lao Aviation (blue/red)

Actually, I'm not sure it's a bird. Looks more like a feather.

Thanks to Karl English. (2003)


Lao Aviation (seam on left)

Identical to the bag above, except that the seam is inside the left gusset rather than the right. Or maybe the base is folded differently and the wire tab is on the wrong side of the bag?

Thanks to Piet van der Poel (2007)


Lao Aviation (International)

The only airline I've come across so far with parentheses in its title. Except, of course, Sahara Airlines (R).

Thanks to Steffen Heinrich. (2000)

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