KLM Cityhopper

KLM is not so shy about its logo on this bag. It's on the front of the bag, and on the base as well in case you missed it first time.

Thanks to Sam Green. (2000)


KLM Cityhopper (no smoking)

I don't know whether the design on this bag is (a) instructions not to dispose of cigarettes in the bag, (b) inveighment against smoking (the KLM parent company bans all smoking on its flights -- and I assume the same is true of its offspring firms), or (c) a subtle new logo design.

In any case, the designer doesn't seem to be constrained by practicalities. The instruction "after use fold forward" is printed diagonally right at the bottom of the bag. If you take this literally, you'll be OK if all you've done is to spit your chewing gum into this bag. Otherwise, you'll tip the entire contents onto your lap. I recommend calling the cabin crew before doing this so they can help you clear up.

Daniel Kahleyss says this bag is from 1994 or 95. Thanks, Daniel. (2001)


KLM Cityhopper (no smoking, 2)

Different shade of blue, and the stars in the gussets are printed higher up.

Some misguided soul has punched holes in this bag.

Thanks to Christian and Gerhard Lang. (2004)

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