KLM (wavy line)

After generations of text-only KLM bags, here at last is one with a design. Either that, or a comb got caught in the press while the bag was being printed.

Clumsy wording on the base: "For your convenience you may use this bas as your waste bag. Our cabin staff will collect these during the flight or you may leave this on your seat before deboarding."

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2002)


KLM (reworded base)

An editor has caught up with the text in the base. It now says "This waste bag is provided for your convenience. Please pass used bags to a member of our cabin staff or leave on your seat at the end of the flight."

Thanks to Winny Sanjaya (2005)


KLM (Skyteam)

The KLM printing works now has to do two-colour printing. They use bucketfuls of light blue ink to print most of this bag, then have to add a teaspoonful of dark blue to print the minuscule Skyteam logo on the base.

Same wording as the edited version above. Nothing in the gusset.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2005)


KLM (star)

Close inspection reveals slightly lighter type in this bag... but that could be acceptable variation within the same design. No - the clincher is that this bag has a DeSter star in the gusset.

Stole it myself (2005)


KLM (Skyteam below)

When will KLM's design team tire of dreaming up new variations for the base of their bags? This one has the order of the text and logos on the base reversed.

Thanks to Rilana Schmidt (2005)

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