Boring Icelandic bag, made by ELAG (it says so on the base).
Thanks to Laurence and Tracey Mundy, who went all the way to Akureyri to pick up this bag for me. (2001)



I wonder if anyone has mistaken this bag for a lifevest? It's bright orange, so you can't fail to see it in an emergency. The words "Refuse bag" in English (and Hebrew on the reverse) appear vertically in large letters, but in such a subtly different shade of orange that I nearly missed them.

Thanks to Sam Green (2000)


Israir (bright orange)

Same design as the bag above, but an even brighter orange, allowing the "Refuse bag" to stand out more.

Bag kindly supplied by Kilian Verpackung (2001)


Israir (blue)

A love letter to passengers on the reverse of this bag:

"Dear guest,
We are doing our best to make this flight as comfortable as possible. Please help us by keeping your environment clean.
The cabin crew will pass by your seat every now and then to collect the refuse bag and some other items.
Thank you for your cooperation and have a pleasant flight."

All they have to do is to tell you how to put on your lifejacket, and they could dispense with all inflight announcements altogether.

Thanks to Yonatan Mevorach (2007)

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