IonTiriac Air

Such a wonderful bag, it deserves a page all to itself.

This is the only bag I know that doubles as an airline safety card.

The front and reverse dispense with the standard "For airsickness" or "Waste", and divert queasy passengers with a host of little drawings of serious-looking people preparing for an emergency landing (choose from three different bracing positions), donning lifevests, attaching seatbelts, and jumping out of the plane instead of taking the airbridge.

No little drawing of how to use the bag, or even a statement that this is a barfbag rather a mere safety card that the laminating has peeled off.

These bags sell on eBay for big bucks - they are hotly desired by both the baggist community and by those weirdos that endanger passengers by stealing safety cards from aircraft.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi (2005)

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