Indigo (wavy cut)

This tweely named Indian carrier offers an extremely sturdy bag with a cheery message and a wavy cut opening.

Thanks to Namitha Dipak (2007)



Indigo (long)

They must have been getting complaints about spillage. This bag is longer, and comes with "Fold here" and "Press clip to seal" instructions. But where's the clip? Not on the bag, as far as a detailed search can reveal. Perhaps it's built into your seat?

Thanks to Michel Silvera (2008)


Indonesian Airlines

This new Indonesian carrier follows the almost universal local tradition of miniscule bags. "Bantulah kami mejaga kebersihan" (that's "Help us to keep things clean" for those of you who don't speak Indonesian), it says on one side. The other side shows you how: little diagrams of an apple core disappearing into a bag, a can falling behind another bag, and a cup (which looks like another can) dropping in front of a third.

Get on an Indonesian Airlines plane, and expect to see the floor littered with cups and cans.

There's even one of those typos that bagophiles delight in: "No liquidss". 

Thanks to Marwan Rangkuti. (2002)

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