hlx.com (Nicht übel!)

Hapag-Lloyd Express are keeping with the jokes: The German pun on this one says "Not bad!" - or "Not sick!"

Thanks to Rilana Schmidt (2005)


hlx.com (Ganz easy)

"Really easy here ryan" in German: "hier ryan" sounds like "herein", or "in here".

"Brechen Sie mit der Konkurrenz und fliegen Sie lieber zum Taxipreis" can mean "Break with the competition and fly for the price of a taxi", or perhaps "Puke with the competition..."

Trying to steal customers from Easyjet and RyanAir, perhaps?

Thanks to Rilana Schmidt (2005)


hlx.com (Alles)

"Alles muss raus" (everything must go [out]), says this witty combo of barf container and advert for hlx's budget fares.

Thanks to Timo Korf. (2006)


hlx.com (Das sollten)

Another in hlx's ad/joke bags: "Das sollten Sie besser für sich behalten" (you'd better keep it to yourself).

So nice to see an airline actually using the space on its bags to entertain and inform passengers. The mystery is, why so few carriers do so.

Thanks to Timo Korf. (2006)


hlx.com (Übergeben)

"Übergeben ist seliger als nehmen". Hard to translate, but how about "Coughing up is better than receiving"?

"Übergeben" means "throwing up", or perhaps "giving away". An advertisement encouraging you to give away HLX gift certificates.

According to the gusset, this is the "6. Edition"

Thanks to Josef Gebele. (2006)


hlx.com (Hier Rhein!)

Yet another pun from the German budget carrier. This one says "Rhine here", but sounds like an instruction to puke "in here".

Fine print in the gusset says this is "7. Edition"

Thanks to Josef Gebele. (2006)


hlx.com (Da wird..)

Da wird der Konkurrenz schwindlig - "That will make the competition dizzy".

So why not put these bags on their planes?

This is "8. Edition".

Thanks to Thorsten Hecht (2008)


hlx: see also Hapag-Lloyd Express

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