Hainan Airlines

Hainan's logo appears to be a worm with wings. "This may be used for waste or airsickness", this bag says. Nothing about the possibility of collecting it. Perhaps I should give it back.

Thanks to Dietmar Ebert and his tour group. (1999)


Hainan Airlines (pterodactyl)

This version of the Hainan logo looks like a surfing gazelle, or maybe a pterodactyl about to be swallowed by a shark.

Thanks to Bedford McIntosh. (2001)


Hainan Airlines (green)

Chinese airlines are jumping into the 21st century with new, hi-tech bags. This one features the Flying Worm logo in three colours, plus a green background makes four: a far cry from the uniform blue-on-white that used to be obligatory. Plus a perforated tear-off strip, complete with chevrons, at the top. All they need now is a way to close the bag again when it's full.

Thanks to Dietmar Ebert. (2001)


Hainan Airlines (green, offset chevrons)

Check this bag carefully with the one above. The chevrons on the tear-off strip are printed in a slightly different place. Ah, the joys of bagophile detective work!

Thanks to Nancy Brendlinger (2003)


Hainan Airlines (blue)

The blue version of the green bag above.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly.


Hainan Airlines Group (blue)

According to the baggossip on the barfbags egroup, this bag belongs to the Hainan Airlines Group, not just the airline itself.

Thanks to Dietmar Ebert (2005)


Hainan Airlines Group (speckled)

Same design as the one above - almost. The blue ink is speckled, the flying worm's wing is faded, and the chevrons at the top are offset.

Thanks to Dietmar Ebert (2005)

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