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Gulf Air (gold)

The Arabic at the bottom says "disposal bag". At least, that's what it says in English on the other side. Arabs are supposed to use this side, and English speakers the other. (1998)

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Gulf Air (white)

Reach into the seat pocket in front of you, and you pull out one of the pretty gold bags above. Take a trip to the lavatory, though, and you have a choice of a golden bag or this plain white one. (1999)


Gulf Air (grey)

Not as striking as the gold job above, but definitely better than the plain white edition.

Thanks to Barry Day. (2000) 


Gulf Air (blue)

As blue as the desert sky.

Thanks to Roger Macrae. (2004)


Gulf Air (yellow)

As yellow as the desert sands.

Thanks to Walter Brinker (2003)

Gulf Air (uncaged falcon)

The raptor has got out of its box and is attacking the typography.

Some colour-blind moron has written "blue" and "white" on this bag, even though it's obviously yellow and brown. Or could this be instructions to the printer to print the next batch in a different colour?

This bag was obviously worth keeping: there are holes punched in it for long-term storage, plus staple holes that must have kept a vital memo in place.

Thanks to Walter Brinker (2005)


Gulf Air (boring blue generic)

The only evidence that I have that this is a Gulf bag, not one from those disgusting American carriers that deprive the travelling public of own-brand bags, is that Parag Anjaria says that's where he got it.

Thanks, Parag. (2001)


Gulf Air (white, block-bottomed)

Another airline it's not worth flying: Gulf have now gone boring block-bottomed plain white.

Though I must admit that Gulf's ground service is wonderful: they were very helpful when I was stranded at Delhi airport without my passport recently. (2004)

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