Rich deep purple with gold trimmings -- designed to make you forget you're on a budget carrier.

Thanks to Jürgen Klein. (2002)


Germanwings (do you want)

Another firm that has gone generic. "Do you want..." asks this bag. (The salt and pepper sets on many airlines now ask the same thing.)

No thanks, we'd much prefer your old bags.

Thanks to Ilona Höller. (2003) 


Germanwings (plain white)

An aberration by Germanwings management: I found some plain white bags nestling in seat pockets on a recent flight from Cologne to Rome. Fortunately they have since made this up with the fine bags below.

Stole this myself (2005)


Germanwings (Gutes Fest)

A bag that combines three functions:

bulletAn advertisement on the obverse for Germanwings' cheapo €19 flights to Stuttgart ("If so much choice makes you dizzy, simply breathe briefly into the bag").
bulletAnother advert for the Cannstatter Wasen festival in Stuttgart.
bulletA container to throw up into.

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2005)


Germanwings (zur Erinnerung)

Recognition at last for the noble avocation of baggery.

"Zur Erinnerung an alle Sammler: Tüte nur leer ins Album kleben!"

This translates into English as: "Reminder to all collectors: Stick only empty bags in the album!"

I got off a Germanwings flight from Rome to Cologne  in October 2005 and walked passed a group of cabin cleaning staff waiting to board the plane. One was holding a sheaf of these bags. I relieved him of as many bags as I thought decent. (2005)


Germanwings (Luftloch)

The first bag to provide a ready-made excuse to passengers who avail of its services: "It was only a small hole in the air!"

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2007)

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