"Been bust a long time", said Walter Brinker of this firm when he sent me their  bag. No wonder: it's a flimsy, old-style two-layer bag, with a greaseproof paper lining.

Thanks, Walter. (2003) 


Flybe see British European


Fly 540

No, not the ID number attached to the insect buzzing around your seat. The 540 is the number of Kenyan shillings a flight will cost you on this low-cost carrier.

This is a robust bag in black plastic, with equally robust orange printing. Sadly, the ink and the plastic don't like each other: the letters are peeling off. One imagines passengers scrabbling around on the floor of Fly540's planes, trying to retrieve missing letters to put back on their bags.

Thanks to Michel Silvera (2008)


Fly 540 (brown paper)

My friend Nyotumba said he had to ask for a bag on a recent Fly 540 flight. This is what he got - a plain, unwaxed paper bag with a sticker. It's roomy enough to hold a kilo of ugali, but make sure there's no gravy with it - the bag is not waterproof.

Thanks to Nyotumba Bonaventure (2008)

wpe3.jpg (2916 bytes)


Flying Colours

Somehow I had expected more from an airline with this name than a mere monochrome bag  The text doesn't improve one's impression: "In the event of sickness please call cabin crew for assistance", it says. Before, after, or instead of using the bag? "This bag may contain bio-hazardous waste after use." Don't know what the triangular symbol means: is it Flying Colours' logo, or a bio-hazardous waste warning? Really makes you want to fly this airline, doesn't it?

Thanks to Graham Curran. (1999)


Flying Colours (no tabs)

Now it's up to a flimsy vertical wire tab to keep all that bio-hazardous waste away from the unsuspecting public.

Thanks to Christian and Gerhard Lang. (2004)


Fly Nordic

A no-name bag means a no-name airline?

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2006)



A dandelion head tries to conjure up images of carefree flight - ignoring the fact that passengers are not likely to be interested in aimlessly drifting aloft while they use a bag.

Thanks to Stefan Sieber (2006)


FlySN.com: see also SN Brussels

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