Flight Care Aviation (large)

First of four from the prestigious Nepali airline. This rather tattered example is sealed at the bottom with a piece of sticky tape. Flight Care's logo features the Hindi "Om" symbol (see Corsair and Widerĝe for other examples of this).

Thanks to Narayan Bhattarai. (2001)


Flight Care Aviation (small)

Same wording and design as the bag above, but this one is smaller.

Many Nepalese airlines seem to have the same artistically challenged bag designer. See Mountain Air and Yeti for proof. 

Thanks to Narayan Bhattarai. (2001)


Flight Care Aviation (separate sheet)

A plain white bag with a separate sheet carrying the instructions affixed to it: unique in bagdom. The Nepali text (the airline name at the bottom) has some handwritten corrections inserted in it. My guess is that this is a sample bag that a Flight Care executive has corrected before returning it to the printer for revision. A unique insight into the process of bag design? Research continues.

Thanks to Narayan Bhattarai. (2001)


Flight Care Aviation (blue)

This blue version incorporates the correction from the bag above. Further evidence of creativity and change in the world of barfbags.

Thanks to Narayan Bhattarai. (2001)

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