Eva Air (hello kitty, heart)

This is either one of the cutest bags in the sky, or one of the cringiest.

As every Japanese teenie knows, Hello Kitty is a wildly popular cartoon cat that adorns everything from handbags to socks. And an Eva Air jumbo that plies the Japan-Korea route. Everything on board is Hello Kitty themed, including, of course, the barfbags. Which have naturally enough become collectors' items among non-baggists, and are actively traded on eBay.

That makes them hard to get for honest, hard-working baggists like me who try to maintain a modicum of dignity by not buying or selling bags. Fortunately I have a workaround: I got another baggist to buy them for me, then swapped them with some of my own bags. I parted with no cash, so my hands are clean.

Thanks to Homer Goetz


Eva Air (hello kitty, no heart)

The moggie is so cute it's horrible.

Whatever happened to Kitty's mouth?

Thanks to Homer Goetz

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