A subscriber to the bigger-logo-is-better school. Someone has clearly put a lot of thought into this design. The giant blue logo is cropped, so we have to check the smaller red version to see that it's an e stuck in the middle of a spiral, like an @ sign, only with the spiral going round the wrong way. The "torba chorobowa" and "air sickness bag" are tastefully placed and linked with a horizontal line. On the reverse is a peel-off sealing strip. Even the base is unusual: it's folded inwards to prevent it from catching in the seat pocket. All in all, a thoroughly modern bag.
Thanks to Sam Green. (2003)

No, says Polish bagexpert Janusz Tichoniuk. This bag was discontinued 5 years ago. They now use the standard, and much more boring, LOT bag. Another extinction in the endless cycle of bag death and renewal... 

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Generic bag used by this European feeder airline. I picked this up on a flight but couldn't remember which one. I finally identified it through Max Sammet's The Barfbag Page (thanks, Max). Same construction as the Kenya Airways bag; same ink colours, too. This bag is also used by VLM, a carrier serving the Mönchengladbach--London City route. (1996)


Eurowings (older)

Spot the difference between this bag and the one above. It's slightly more orange ("ah -- but that's just the patina of age", you say). The brown printing is heavier ("permissible variation among bags on different print runs", you respond). The design is printed higher up, and the lines are slightly further apart on this bag. Gotcha. Yes, it's optically different enough to be counted as a separate bag. So there.

Thanks to Stephen James. (2001)


Eurowings (wider spacing)

This Eurowings bag is a bit bigger, and the line spacing is even wider. The ywllowing may be deliberate, or perhaps it's due to the bag's advanced age - from the 1970s.

Thanks to Paul Hudson (2005)


Eurowings (blue)

At last, an own-brand bag from this carrier. They're still in the changeover period: I had to move places twice on the plane before I could get hold of this bag rather than the orange one above. (I also picked up a couple from the reserve stack in the toilet, so I have some spares). (2000)

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