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I didn't know what this was and put out an appeal: answered by Sam Green. It's Hong Kong-based Dragonair.

Thanks, Samuel! (1995?)


Dragonair (red)

Lots to say about Dragonair's latest. There's a red tear-off tab at the top to keep the bag pristine before you use it. "Tear off to open here", it says, and provides an icon of a pair of scissors to reinforce the point. Next time you fly Dragonair, ask the cabin crew for scissors if none are provided in your seat pocket.

Then there's "After use fold away from you" and a line halfway down the bag. Chinese speakers have to fold the bag two-thirds of the way down.

On the reverse, there are little pictures showing you precisely how to tear (without scissors), open and fold. Unlike braver airlines (such as Air New Zealand), there's no attempt to nest pictures of bags inside pictures of bags. 

Oh, and don't miss Dragonair's logo: a writhing red dragon with a fan tail and propellers as feet.

Thanks to Fausto Labruto. (2000)


Dragonair (red 2)

Exactly the same as the bag above. Exactly? Not quite -- this one has the Gunter logo in the gusset printed nearer the top.

Bag kindly supplied by Kard-o-Pak. (2001) 


Dragonair (grey)

Lufthansa has abandoned boring grey bags in favour of dark blue. Dragonair is moving monochromatic: looks like they've bought up Lufthansa's surplus ink stocks.

Thanks to Thomas Soltwedel (2005)

Dragonair (after use retypeset)

The title says it all, does it not?

Thanks to Scott Killough (2007)

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