Deutsche BA (blue)

Airlines try to outdo themselves in the repetition stakes. I thought that ČSA had the record with 300, but Deutsche BA's bag has the words "Abfälle" and "Wastebag" no less than 362 times. And that's not counting the words cut off by the side pleat and the crinkly-cut top.

Thanks to Sam Green. (2000) 


Deutsche BA (orange)

Ouch! Hurts your eyes to look at this one. Specially designed for use after meals containing carrots, tomatoes, oranges and ketchup. The airline name is cunningly concealed in the gusset.

Thanks to Thomas Soltwedel. (2000) 


Deutsche BA (orange, white stripe)

From the days before Deutsche BA could afford to cover a bag completely with orange ink.

Thanks to Homer Goetz. (2002)


Deutsche BA (plain white)

Boring, boring. This is one airline that has gone from sophisticated to grunge.

Thanks to Verena Hömke. (2003)


Deutsche BA (do you want)

Deutsche BA has gone from bad to not-quite-so-bad: at least this generic bag has printing on it.


Deutsche BA: see also dba


Dinar Lineas Aeréas

At least, I think the thing at the front is a D. If not, this should be Inar Lineas Aeréas.

The wavy red thing is a plastic-coated wire tie. Careful when using this bag: you wouldn't want it sticking into your eye.

Thanks to Fernando Canteras de Assis. (2000)


Dirgantara Air Service, DAS

A typically small bag from an airline owned by the Indonesian army. Passengers will have to work out how to use the bag themselves: it's plain white.

Thanks to James Mangan. (2002)

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