The Lufthansa-Tochtergesellschaft uses Lufthansa-Tüten.

Thanks to Janina Künstler. (2006)


Condor (LSG Sky Chefs)

In South America, the condor is revered as a symbol of freedom and independence. In Germany, the bags are free (just slip them out of the seat pocket and under your jacket while the stewardess is demonstrating how to use the lifejackets). But independent? No way: this is the same bag as Big Brother Lufthansa.

Thanks to M J Rehbach (2007)



Don't bother to try to book a Conti-Flug flight so you can collect more of these bags. This firm went belly-up back in 1994. Probably because their logo looks like an underendowed hamburger.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2007)


Continental (bowser)

From the days when Continental was not able to dispose of unconsumed food at each destination. This bag encourages you to save those delicious Continental snacks for later, under the guise of a doggy bag. "Chances are remote of using this bag for motion sickness, so... if you'd like, put something in it for... Bowser."

Flatly contradicts our advice to treat any bag contents like toxic waste.

"P.S. Cats love our food too!" A pity the passengers don't...

Thanks to Jay Labe. (2001)

wpeE.jpg (3624 bytes)


Continental (old)

Deviously disguised as a "seat occupied" sign. The other side is blank: just flip the bag over if you decide that your seat is free after all.

Note that you don't have to turn your monitor over to read this bag--unlike the blue British Airways bag. If you hold your bag so you can read the printing, you have to aim into the left side into a Continental bag, and into the right if you're on BA.

Can anyone tell me what the graphic in the red "prohibited" sign means? Lisa Philpotts says it's a seat. I think it's a barfbag upside-down in a seat pocket. Or is it Continental's logo? I guess their graphic designer must have more imagination than I do.

Thanks to Christian Kamhaug. (received in 1999, but presumably it's older)


Continental (black/white)

An old bag from Seat Occupied Airways. "To reserve this seat leave the bag on the cushion before leaving the plane at an intermediate point", it says. If you want to stretch out on the next leg of your flight, try depositing bags on all the seats in your row.

Thanks to Roger Macrae. (2000) 

wpe12.jpg (3166 bytes)


Continental (1999)

A newer bag from Seat Occupied Airways... er, sorry, Continental. They've saved money since the old bag by switching from two colours to one. Continental's logo is new, but the prohibited sign has survived.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (1999)


Continental (2000)

Seat Occupied Airways have now done away with the wire wings.

Thanks to Julian Griffiths. (2000)


Continental (octagonal star)

There's an octagonal star in the gusset of this bag.

Thanks to Ellen Geerlngs (2004)


Continental (Skyteam)

Still with the octagonal star in the gusset, but now with a Skyteam logo to accompany the Continental globe.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2008)



El placer de volar: no, not "The place to vomit", silly. It means "The pleasure of flying".

Thanks to Hamish Goldie-Scot (2008)

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