CNWA (red/blue, flat base)

This Clean Bag from CNWA has what I guess is an address and a phone number on the back. Somewhere to send the bag after you've used it?

Thanks to Dietmar Ebert and his tour group. (1999)


CNWA (flat base, serif)

Looks as if CNWA experimented with their design by printing a few bags in different typefaces and colour combinations.

This one has the "After use fold toward you" in a serif font. No address on the back, either.

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen (2005)


CNWA (red/blue, pointy bottom)

One thing you can't accuse CNWA of is consistency. Tara Lewis sent me a shipment of six CNWA bags, of which five were different -- even allowing for the airline's sloppy printing practices. Here's the first: the equivalent of the red/blue bag above, but with a pointy bottom so it falls over when you put it on the floor.

Thanks to Tara Lewis. (2001) 


CNWA (red/blue, blue rectangle)

There's a blue rectangle on the reverse of this bag near the base. That obviously makes it a totally, utterly different bag from the one above.

Thanks to Nancy Brendlinger. (2003)

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