China Southern (generic blue)

A modern Chinese Clean Bag: "This may be used for waste or airsickness". It's "water proofed", too. And it has a "folding bar" on the back to keep the remains of your fried rice in the bag.

Thanks to Fulvio Dossena. (2002)


China Southern (very dark blue)

Same design as the bag above, but in even darker ink. It came from a flight from Yunnan to Beijing. Bruce Kelly says this and the bag above are both from China Southern. Who am I to disbelieve him?

Thanks to Scott Killough. (2003)


China Southern (retypeset)

It's a mystery to me why airline printers can't keep a copy of their printing plates so they can reprint bags easily. Then they wouldn't have to retypeset every time the customer runs out of bags. But it would make bag-collecting a lot less interesting, wouldn't it?

Thanks to Dietmar Ebert (2004)


China Southern (black)

Now they've gone to black ink.

Thanks to Dietmar Ebert (2004)


China Southern (strip)

The tear-off strip is now easier to spot, saving precious time during an emergency.

Thanks to Dietmar Ebert (2004)


China Southern (larger type)

It's the "Water-Proofed" that's in larger type. Correctly spelled, too!

Thanks to Winny Sanjaya (2005)


China Southern (Uighur?)

There's some text in Arabic script (it says پاکٮز خالتا - could it be Uighur?) above the Chinese on this bag. Plus, there's the name of the airline in giant Chinese characters in the gusset, along with the item number of the bag (13837195550) in case you want to order some more.

Thanks to Rüdiger Breuer. (2006)


China Southern (made in

The only bag I know that claims it's made in a website: (which turns out to be the site of Chaozhou Air Articles.

And it's "airsick ness" according to this bag.

Thanks to Wolfgang Bayer (2007)


China Southern (0556-5316606)

Made by a manufacturer whose logo appears to be a heart on a pillow, or perhaps one of those cumulus clouds that the BBC used to use in their weather forecasts. Their phone number is 0556-5316606; fax 0556-5316596 - but remember that you're not supposed to use your phone until you're inside the terminal. And who has a fax machine on board a plane?

Thanks to Piet van der Poel (2007)


China Southern (czair, little arrow)

Yet another variation on the theme: this bag was made in the website, but has a smaller tear-off arrow.

Thanks to Wolfgang Franken (2007)


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